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Programs  supporting culturally sensitivity For staff

As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment, we are implementing a policy requiring all LSCA members associated with LSCA to complete the "Respect at Workplace Certification."


This certification is designed to enhance awareness, understanding, and skills related to promoting respect and maintaining a healthy workplace culture. The training is available through the following link: []


Training Objectives:


Promote Respect: To instill a culture of mutual respect among all members of [Your Organization Name] and within the [LSCA] group.


Prevent Harassment: Equip members with the knowledge and tools to identify and prevent workplace harassment.


Build Inclusive Environments: Foster inclusivity by creating an understanding of diverse perspectives and backgrounds.


Ensure Compliance: Align with legal and ethical standards governing workplace behavior.


Policy Details:


Who Should Complete the Training:

All active members associated with the are required to complete the Respect at Workplace Certification.

Timeline for Completion:

All members must complete the certification within 10 days of joining . Failure to do so may result in  disciplinary action


Certification Verification:

Members are required to provide proof of completion to management  within 10 days of joining. Certificates or completion records should be retained for [Specify Duration].


Access Instructions:

Follow the link [] to access the training platform. Please use the provided credentials for login.



For technical assistance or any questions related to the training, please contact Tarun and Lovedeep .


We appreciate your cooperation in making LSCA a safe and respectful workplace for all. Your commitment to completing this training is vital to our collective success in maintaining a positive working environment.


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