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LSCA Policy and Documents

Ready to Kick

Refund Policy

Refunds will be issued under the following conditions:

  • If a player does not attend any training\practice sessions; or

  • If a player cannot play due to medical reasons(a doctor's note will be required).

If above requirements are met, refunds will be issued less administration fee of:

 $50 will be deducted if soccer jerseys was not returned in satisfactory conditions. Full refunds less an administration fee of $50 will be issued for players whose refund request was placed within 7 days of registration with the club, provided one of the above conditions are met and request is before CMSA Team entry deadline.


No refunds will be issued if a player has attended any practice or game sessions.

Refund requests must be sent in written to

Kids Playing Soccer

Player Code of Conduct

  • Arrive 15 mins early to all training sessions. 

  • Give coaches advance notice if you are not able to attend the practice session.

  • Must attend all the games and arrive at least 20 mins early.

  • Wear the assigned uniform to all the games(Jersey, Cleat, Shin Guard and Soccer Socks).

  • Understand the rules of the game.

  • Listen and follow instructions of coaching staff.

  • Be respectful to officials and the decisions they make.

  • Respect your coaches, teammates and opponents at all times.

  • Maintain a positive attitude during all games and training sessions.

  • Take proper nutrition and rest prior to games and training sessions.

  • Never use vulgar or profane language.

  • Never engage in negative comments towards fellow players, opponents through any social networking sites.

  • Respect the sport and sportsmanship.

  • Understand and follow CMSA Player Code of Conduct during league games.

Soccer Fans

Parent Code of Conduct

  • Read, understand, and adhere to all applicable club and league policies and procedures.

  • Ensure player attends 90% of the practice sessions and arrives at least 15 minute early.

  • Ensure the player attends all the games and arrives at least 20 minute early.

  • Communicate with coaches in advance if player is not able to attend the practice or games sessions.

  • Ensure all Club and team fees are paid in a timely fashion.

  • Be respectful to coaches and game officials.

  • Not engage in any activity to criticize game officials.

  • Not engage in negative communication with players, coaching staff or families of the opposing team.

  • Communicate with respect to scheduling, finance, or any logistical concerns with the team manager and/or team coaches.

  • Do not interfere in any ongoing game or practice session.

  • Understand and follow CMSA Parent Code of Conduct during league games.

Female Soccer Coach

Coach Code of Conduct

  • Maintain highest level of respect for game officials, members of opposition staff and administration staff. 

  • Provide equal and fair opportunity to all the players to participate in the games.

  • Ensure all players receive equal training, discipline, encouragement and support.

  • Understand league rules and administrative  responsibilities.

  • Strictly refrain from the use of alcohol/drugs/tobacco in the presence of young players.

  • Refrain from using foul and abusive language and support all efforts to remove the same from children's sporting activities.

  • Ensure that equipments and facilities are safe and appropriate to the age and ability of the players. 

  • Be reasonable in demands on player's time, energy and enthusiasm. 

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